Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin Kramer Upgrade Their Rides

Two years ago, Team Kramer kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin got their first bikes from RoyalBaby. That time, they were still living in their previous house.

Now, the Team Kramer family have transferred to their stunning new abode, --- with bigger space to play outdoors (look at their luxurious swimming pool!). We can't help but imagine what it's like to live in a house full of entertainment facilities: they have their own pool, play area, home school rooms, and movie room. The list is just endless!

We were quite excited when dad Doug Kramer reached out to us again about our bikes. This time, he said that the kids now needed a size upgrade (...they grow so fast!). Gavin is 7, Scarlett is 8, and Kendra is turning 11 this year. 

He chose the Bulldozer in 18" for Scarlett and Gavin, and the BMX Freestyle for Kendra. In less than a few days, we were able to prepare the bikes for the kids and sent it to their home even during the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila.

Here's a video when they received the bikes. See how excited they kids were!

Finally, after a few minutes of assembly, the kids were ready to ride! They geared up with their helmets and protectors (a must for beginners!).

From left to right: Gavin rides the Bulldozer 18" Black, Kendra rides the Freestyle 20" Red, and Scarlett rides the Bulldozer 18" Yellow

 We're quite sure it was a fun afternoon ride with Dad Doug Kramer (the head of the bike-pack!). He told us that Kendra is taking the challenge to finally ride without training wheels. When Scarlett heard this, ---she wants to take off hers too!

After all these years of being the most famous millennial family in social media world, Doug and Chesca Kramer remains to be the most humble couple we've ever "met." Just like a regular young couple who are very happy, --- as long as their kids are-- they continue to share their joy to the people surrounding them.