Maria Letizia "Zia" Rivera Dantes Rides the Jenny 18" Bike

Maria Letizia "Zia" Dantes, daughter of actors Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, keeps herself active with afternoon bike rides during the quarantine.

She is turning 6 years old this year and is tall for her age. In selecting her bike, we helped her chose the Jenny 18" Bike for its dainty and elegant design. A favorite style among girls her age, Mommy Marian agreed that this bike's style will be favoured by Zia. She can't stop riding her Jenny Bike ever since!


Here are some photos of her rides with the Jenny 18"

Mommy Marian makes sure she is hydrated and places her water bottle in the RoyalBaby foldable basket!


Dad Ding Dong Dantes wrote in his recent post, "Hey Z, not too fast please ---on the bike and, oh well, in growing up."


Zia also keeps herself protected with the Chaser Kids Active Helmet when riding her Kick Scooter.

Enjoy, Ate Z!