Scarlet Snow Belo Rides Her Bike During Quarantine

Kids these days, ---they get bored easily. Especially now that they are confined most of the time within the four walls of their homes. Scarlet Snow Belo is no different among other kids who now have limited choices for outdoor leisure.

Traveling and going to the malls is a risky (and prohibited) activity during this MGCQ status in Metro Manila. Gadgets are the easy choice to make kids amused most of the time, but there is a recommended limit for screen time, especially for kids. In addition to online classes they go to daily--- 2 hours is the maximum recommended time for kids to be immersed gadgets daily.

We go back to the classic way of keeping kids active and busy---and the uncomplicated choice: the outdoors! If you live inside a village, it's generally more safe to go biking as long as you have the masks on and open spaces.

Scarlet Snow Belo rides it out with his brother, Quark Henares and Aunt Bianca Yuzon-Henares ---one weekday afternoon. Quoting Dra. Vicki Belo, she cites, " Thank you Kuya Quark Henares and Ate Bianca Yuzon for teaching Scarlet all the things I don't know about like skateboarding and switch. Thank you God for making us one happy family!" [Instagram Source: victoria_belo}

 What do you do to keep your kids active these days? Share to us below!

Scarlet Snow Belo rides the RoyalBaby Little Swan 16" bike