Team Kramer's Afternoon Rides

For Doug and Chesca Garcia-Kramer, an afternoon with the kiddos for some outdoor time is never to be missed! Despite their busy schedules, the Team Kramer family takes some time to have fun & unwind after their daily routines outside their homes.

We followed them one afternoon outside their house, after receiving their first set of bikes for Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.


Check this out:

Chesca Garcia-Kramer


Dad Doug Kramer was able to document these precious snapshots of the kids while enjoying their first bike rides with RoyalBaby:

Kendra Kramer rides the Jenny Bike 20". 


Gavin rides the Freestyle 12", Scarlett rides the Little Swan 16", and Kendra the Jenny 20".


Mom Chesca wears the Chaser Kids Active Helmet Set to Scarlett..


...and took a sec to have fun, too!

(Yes, the Freestyle 12" is durable enough to carry an adult )




What's your afternoon outdoor activity routine with your kids? Do you do this too?

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